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Raybiotech 한국공식대리점

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Biomolecular Assays
Chemicals & Microbiology
& Fluorescence Assays
Equipments & Research Tools
& Entomology
Antibodies, Fusion Proteins
DetectX® Kits,
Inhibitors & Activators
Viral Platforms,
Gene delivery Products
Multiphotion Imaging System, Micromanipulators
Multiphotion Imaging System, Micromanipulators
Influenza Virus Research
Tools,Recombinant Protein
GTPase Activation Assays,
Biochemical Research Lipids, Mixtures
Sodium Hyaluronate,
Hyaluronan Products
Complete Stereotaxic Instruments
3D Cell Culture Spheroid Counter
Arrays(Antibody, Protein),
Antibodies, Proteins,
ELISA/Assay Kits
Lipoproteins for
Cardiovascular Products
Nuclear Receptors
Screening Services
Promethion™ Line, Room Calorimetry
Tethered Recording Systems
Cytokines, Antibodies,
Super-X ELISA Kits
Heat Shock Protein,
Oxidative Stress
Medicinal building blocks, Scaffolds
Fluorinated Products,
DS3 Isolated Constant Current Stimulator
TEC 2900 Modular Tissue Embedding Center
GTP-bound G Proteins, cAMP/cGMP EIA Kits
Human, Animal ELISA Kit, Immunoassay Kits
GoldEnhanc EM (GEEM),
Undecagold Particles
17β-Estradiol, Pellet,
Precision Trochar
Cultex Radial Flow System (RFS)
3D Printers, 3D Laser Lithography Systems
Antibodies in Neuroscience, SNARE Proteins
Antibodies,Recombinant Protein,ELISA Kits
Sodium Polytungstate Powder,Liquid
Drug screening system Kits,Antibodies
Motorized Stereotaxic,
Drill/Injection Robot
Protein Kinase,Phospho-specific Antibodies
High-quality Protein,
Recombinant Proteins
Ginsenoside Products
Natural Products (Alkaloids, Steroids, Lignans)
LiveCell TM & TMArrayer TM Products
Staining Kits & Accessories, Staining Solutions
Insulin, Leptin,
Food Allergen ELISA Kits
Acetyl Lysin Antibody, PTM Protemomics
Hematology Research Tool,Plasma Sets
Diagnostic Products,
Magnetic Separators
Surgical Tools, Laboratory Accessories
ChemoTx® Disposable Chemotaxis System
cDNA Clones, Antibodies,
IHC Products
Proteins,Immunoassay Kits
Products of Carotenoids in Plant&Extracts
Building Blocks & Synthons Products
PELCO® Black Wall Glass Bottom Dishes
McIlwain Tissue Chopper, Standard Table, 220V
Antibodies, Proteins, Immunoglobulins
Allergen Analysis Service
Algal Toxin Testing ELISA Kits,Mycotoxins
Inhibitors,Building Blocks,Intermediates
Perfecta3D®Hanging Drop Plates, Assay Kits
Acid treated,Sterile,
Uncoated Coverslips
Antibodies, Fusion Proteins
Veratox for Total Milk Allergen,Gluten Assay Kit
Fluorochemicals, Organic Intermediates
Complex Organic Chemicals Products
Lab Equipment & Glass Apparatus
Liquid Aerosol Devices,Dry Powder Devices
Rabbit/Tyrosine Hydroxylase
Dehydrated culture media, Captivate™
C-Reactive Protein,
Influenza Antigen
Medicines & HealthCare
Clinic microTageting, Concentric Bipolar Electrode
Measurement equipment use in Physiological
Recombinant Proteins
Serotonin in Serum, Urine, Platelets
Element Magnets,Boronic Acids&Esters
Materials Science, Nanotechnology
RTube™ breath condensate collection device
Environmental Chemistry related Products
Arthritis & Inflammation
Research Collagen
Washed, Pooled,
Red Blood Cells
Deuterated Polymers,
Speciality Polymers
CryoStor® Freeze Media
Packaged Polaris Vicra Small Rigid Body
Insect Cages, Traps
Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification
IGF-I Family,
TGF-beta family, Assays
GMP peptide,Teriparatide Acetate,Resins
Natural Substances
of Plant origin
Traps against Mosquitoes,Repellents
Animal Traps, Aquatic equipment, Cages
Cell Culture Reagents, Gold Nanoparticles
Release Detection
Endotoxin Detection/
Removal Kits
Heparin Assays,
Dextran Sulfate Assays
Biochemicals, Cell-Based,
HTS Assays
Research Chemicals, Fine Chemicals
Antibodies, Fusion Proteins
Mock Antigen,Viral, Bacterial/Parasitic Products
Algal Toxins (Microcystins, QuikLyse),ELISA Kits
Endocrinology,Autoimmunity, ELISA Kits
Mycoplasma Test Kit,
Rare viral Reagents
Shearing Technologies,
Automated Solutions
Antibodies, Antigens,
Serum & Plasma
Chikungunya,Novalisa - ELISA Test Kits
Antibodies, Fusion Proteins
4-Methylumbelliferyl α-D-galactopyranoside
m Albumin ELISA,
The Creatinine Companion
Analytical Test Kits
(Food & Wine)
HEp-2 (Evan's Blue),
HbA1c Analysis
Antibodies, Fusion Proteins
Antibodies, Fusion Proteins
Anti-IDH1 R132H from
Mouse for FFPE tissue
Fluorescent Dyes,
Cy7 NHS ester
DBCO-Sulfo-NHS ester, Enrichment Media & Kits
Morinaga Acrylamide EIA Kit,Insulin/Leptin
Antibodies against Ca2+ -
binding Proteins
Fluorescent Markers
for Bio-molecules
Fluorescent Product for
the Bio-molecules
Animal cell antibodies,
Detection reagents
ELISA Tests Kits
Pharmaceutical Synthesis(Heterocyclic,Thiols
MycoGENIE, Nucleo/Bio-Adembeads
BTI Lipoproteins/Proteins,
Osteocalcin EIA Kit
RNA, DNA, Protein &Tissue sections &Arrays
DOTA-NHS ester,
NOTA/DOTA Derivatives
Bifunctional Ligands
Nuclear hormone Receptors Reagents
Clinical Diagnostics Products, Assay Kits
Fluorescent Green
Polyethylene Microspheres
Mock Antigen,Viral, Bacterial/Parasitic Products
Pan Malaria Antibody CELISA
Cell Culture Media,Protein Refolding Reagents
Bridge-It SAM
Fluorescence Assay Kit
Polymer /Fluorescent /Silica Microspheres
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